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American Cancer Society

Ease the Burden for Cancer Patients at the Hope Lodge Salt Lake City - Give Hope a Home

When traveling for treatment becomes necessary, many wonder if it will be financially feasible or physically and emotionally manageable. The Hope Lodge Salt Lake City helps patients overcome these challenges by providing free accommodations with all the comforts of home. Hope Lodge makes it possible for patients to access their best chance for effective treatment – it also brings hope for a life after cancer.

The Hope Lodge Salt Lake City would not exist without the generosity of supporters like you – our donors and volunteers. Every day, Hope Lodge guests express gratitude for the gift that is Hope Lodge.

“ A cancer diagnosis is a horrible thing – it brings overwhelming fear. Pain, death and disability are always on our mind, but financial fears are just as terrifying. We are so grateful to all who support Hope Lodge. You care enough to assuage those fears and lessen our anxiety. We so appreciate you!” – Hope Lodge Guest

We invite you to support Hope Lodge in ways that are meaningful to you – make an individual or corporate gift, donate in honor of a love one, or express interest in volunteering or donating supplies. Learn more about the Hope Lodge Salt Lake City by viewing more photos below!

Thank you for giving hope a home!

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Our Hope Lodge runs solely on the generosity of donors. Your support provides free lodging for patients and their caregivers and ultimately connects them to their best chance for effective treatment.  


Donate in Honor of a Loved One 

Our Buy Seat Take a Stand program greets patients as they arrive at Hope Lodge. Each seat represents generous support, a treasured relationship or an honored loved one. We invite you to donate and choose from several personalized engraving opportunities. 

Buy a Seat 

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Become a Volunteer
Donate Supplies

Our Hope Lodge is in need of basic supplies. Supplies are essential for meeting the daily needs of patients staying at Hope Lodge. We also encourage you to volunteer. Let us know that you are interested and we can discuss different opportunities that might interest you such as making meals, providing entertainment, planning activities, or making improvements to our facility and grounds.


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