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American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

American Cancer Society Harrah's Hope Lodge - Memphis, TN

Ease the Burden for People with Cancer - Give Hope a Home


When traveling for treatment becomes necessary, many wonder if it will be financially feasible or physically and emotionally manageable. The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge community in Memphis helps patients overcome these challenges by providing free accommodations with all the comforts of home.  The Hope Lodge program makes it possible for patients to access their best chance for effective treatment – it also brings hope for a life after cancer. We invite you to support the Hope Lodge program in ways that are meaningful to you. 

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Our Hope Lodge community runs solely on the generosity of donors. Your support provides free lodging for patients and their caregivers and ultimately connects them to their best chance for effective treatment. 


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Let us know that you are interested in volunteering and we can discuss different opportunities that might interest you such as making meals, providing entertainment, planning activities, or making improvements to our facility and grounds. 


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Gift Needed Supplies

Supplies are essential for meeting the daily needs of patients staying at Hope Lodge facility. View our wish list to see the current needs, and make a gift to Hope Lodge.



Each year, approximately 200,000 cancer patients must travel 40+ miles to treatment. Our over 30 Hope Lodge communities across the country provide a free place to stay during treatment so people with cancer can focus on getting better. 

Your generous donations to support the Hope Lodge program allow us to continue to provide free, safe, comfortable, and convenient lodging for patients. Thank you for giving hope a home!

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Hear from a Guest
Every day, Hope Lodge guests express gratitude for the gift that is Hope Lodge. 


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