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Phishapalooza 2022

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Welcome to the ACS charity donation page for Phishapalooza 2022!

As the hosts of Phishapalooza, we are consistently impressed by the large and ever-increasing number of colleagues, clients and friends that show up annually for this simple mid-winter fundraising event.  In 2021, despite the countless challenges imposed by COVID-19, we raised a whopping $63,000 for cancer research, which was simply amazing!  But we all know family members and friends who continue to battle cancers of various forms, so we've set a much loftier fundraising goal for 2022 - $100,000.  Let's all open our wallets and give a few dollars to this good cause so that research towards finding a cure for cancer can continue while we're out enjoying a day of fun on the ice.

The 14th Annual Phishapalooza will return to its traditional format for 2022, plus maybe a few fun, new twists to keep the Palooza experience as top-notch as ever. Of course, the event will be free to attend, as usual.  But I would appreciate if all attendees and virtual supporters would consider a charitable donation, to help us set a new fundraising record in spite the ongoing pandemic.  Will that be awesome or what?!

Thanks in advance for your support, all!

Todd & the Phishapalooza Organizing Committee