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My name is Martyn Royce! I immigrated to the United States from the United Kingdom back in March 2020 to marry my now wife! I have a 10+ year history of working with trains in the UK, and have been working for Keolis here in Massachusetts since April of 2021. Trains are one of my greatest interests in life, and I’m attempting to do something no one has ever done before!

Follow me as I attempt to travel through each and every MBTA Commuter Rail station as fast as possible! From February 28th into March 1st, I will be attempting to set the official Guinness World Record for the fastest time to travel every station!

Please consider supporting me in my record attempt by making a donation to the American Cancer Society. Cancer has affected my family in so many different ways, and it affects millions of families each and every day. In March 2018, I lost my closest cousin to Bowel Cancer. And most recently, back in September of 2021 my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is currently finishing off 8 rounds of chemotherapy and will begin 7 intense weeks of radiation shortly afterward.

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases for both patients and their families. It is ruthless. And it is still incredibly important to raise funds to support research that will provide us with better treatments to help our friends and family beat this horrific disease. 

I’m going to need all the support I can get as I take on this two-day challenge! And so, I’m hoping that my story and my perhaps unusual quest will inspire people to support and donate to my fundraiser for the American Cancer Society!

See you on the rails!!