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Once Upon A Relay - The 2022 Voices Of Hope Calendar

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October 14, 2021


It's All About The Story!

Once Upon A Relay...VOICES OF HOPE 2022 Calendar.

It's All About The Story.

This fairy tale project features members of the VOICES OF HOPE, empowered cancer survivors & caregivers, who share their personal and inspirational stories while dressed as the fairytale character they most associate themselves with.

Here is how it goes.  Make a donation to the American Cancer Society of $20 (one calendar) or $30 (two calendars) using the link below or by Venmo @jowegee1

Make sure to leave your mailing address, where requested, at the time you make your donation.  

Your calendars will arrive well before the holiday season and make the perfect gift that will last not only through 2022 but for a lifetime.

Thank you for support and for help scripting a tale where we all live "Happily Ever After"