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Alabama Patient Transportation - Path to a CURE!

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More than 30,830 residents in Alabama will be diagnosed with cancer this year, and many of them will need our help to access the care they need. Patients who can't find a ride often delay treatment or skip it all together.

In 2019, we provided more than 18,202 rides to patients in the Alabama area through the Road to Recovery Program and the Community Transportation Grant program. We exhausted every available transportation resource, and we'll do the same this year. With additional funding resources we could serve even more patients.

Providing 18,202 rides in 2019 made a real difference for so many patients in Alabama and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there were many unmet requests for rides. And we want to meet every need that comes our way.

That's why the American Cancer Society is seeking to raise $130,000 to provide life-saving transportation services in Alabama through our Community Transportation Grant Program. At an average cost of $12 per one-way ride through our Community Transportation Grant Program, this would provide an estimated 12,500 rides.