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Chart-a-thon 2021

A personal page by Bansheeflyer

November 25, 2021


Chart-a-thon is a rhythm gaming custom content marathon with the goal of raising as much money as we can for a good cause. Over the 36 days from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve 2021, Custom Content Creators will release new content twice per day!

For every piece of content you download that you would have downloaded even if you had to pay for it, we ask you to donate at least one dollar to the American Cancer Society. And of course, any additional donation is incredibly appreciated! 

This is a fully fledged honor system: if you can donate we’re infinitely grateful, and if you can’t you are free to download as many pieces of content as you want. Every single donation though will help us reach a bigger goal and help people who need our support.

This year we lost two valued members of the rhythm gaming community: Sideshow and Maxton. Sideshow was one of the many victims lost to lung cancer. We have lost a number of talented musicians since our last Chart-a-thon as well, many of whom also from cancer. Sadly, many of us from all over the world can relate, directly or indirectly, to this disease. For this year's charity event we ask you to help the cause as the ACS continues to fight to help those who are battling cancer and to remember Sideshow and Maxton's amazing contributions to the rhythm gaming community.

 Big thanks to BornGamerRob for creating the Chart-a-thon logo